Tim Tadlock has had more than 60 players drafted into the Major Leagues, but only three have made it to the show. That speaks to the difficulty of getting to the MLB, but also to the talent of the ones who ultimately made it.

The first was Robert Duggar, who's been to the show with several different teams including the Marlins, Mariners, and most recently the Reds. Next was Parker Mushinski, who saw some time with the Houston Astros earlier this season and looks to have a bright future.

Here's Martin's first career strikeout:

Martin also touched 97 on the radar. Straight gas.

The latest was Davis Martin, but he certainly won't be the last. Martin debuted for the White Sox Tuesday night, May 17th, and went five full innings and struck out seven. The White Sox couldn't provide him any run support, so his one earned run would also cost him the game with the final of 2-1.

Martin was just happy to be there among the veterans.

After the game, Martin talked about getting to the stadium at 9 a.m. this morning to soak it all in. He didn't pitch until 6 p.m., the second game of a doubleheader.

Martin was the latest Red Raider to make the MLB, but I don't think he'll be the last this season. Of course, Josh Jung is a shoulder injury away from being the Texas Rangers' every day third baseman. Caleb Kilian has been proving his worth on the north side of the same city as Martin. Kilian has worked himself into a position as arguably the Cubs' top pitching prospect and he should get his shot this summer.

Gabe Holt is holding his own at the double A level, while Braxton Fulford and Dru Baker are lighting up the single A level. Baker is currently hitting .371 and playing center field in the Tampa Bay Rays organization.

If Kilian is next up as far as the arms go, Clayton Beeter and Taylor Floyd might be relievers right behind him with the Dodgers and Brewers respectively. Though Parker Mushinski is probably the first guy back to the majors after debuting earlier this year.

As far as Martin goes, the White Sox had a weird doubleheader and COVID-19 starter issues, so it might have been a spot start for Davis. But after his solid showing, he might have earned another trip through the rotation.

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