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The Friends of the Lubbock Public Library Book Sale is always a treasure trove of wonderful and diverse books at ridiculously cheap prices. I live for the hunt and have found first editions, rare books, quirky books (like a Dita von Teese flipbook of her burlesque routine), and piles and piles of interesting reads every time I've attended a sale.

I have an incredibly rare copy of an English translation of the Marquis de Sade's Juliet from the 1960s I got for $8. That may have been the score of a lifetime, and it's just really fun to tell your friends that you got one of the most transgressive books ever written from a library book sale.

Of course, the COVID times meant a pause in the book sale action. Just when we needed books the most, we didn't have the best opportunity to go shopping for them. Luckily, the book sale is coming back, albeit just a little differently.

If you would like to attend an upcoming book sale, you will need to reserve a time so that social distancing can be realistically achieved. These slots are going fast, so hop on it. Fridays are for members of Friends of the Library only, but becoming a member is easy and inexpensive- and your membership can be purchased when you get there to shop.

Not only is the book sale great fun, but the funds also support our library. This is more than just buying books, it's providing computers for folks who need access to them, community programs, and helpful librarians who can help you research various topics. Planting a garden? A librarian can help you find sources on plants that grow well in this area. Want to read up on a recent diagnosis? The library is a great place to find B.S. free information. Need some novels to burn through for pleasure. The library is the best place for that.

Friends of the Lubbock Library Book Sale is held at the Mahon Public Library basement, located at 1306 9th St.

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