Prepare to get mooned this Thursday night.

Who doesn't love a good full moon on a crisp winter night? Or a full moon during a hot summer night? Who doesn't just love to look up at a full moon at any time of the year and marvel at where we're at, where we've been and where we could be?

We may have a bit of a problem catching this moon because it will be partly cloudy, at least during the day on Thursday (January 28th), but with a little luck, we might just catch something big and bright and hopeful.

The January full moon is the Full Wolf Moon, known as such because 2021 is the new year for wolfmen. Okay, that's not accurate. It's the Full Wolf Moon because the actual howling of wolves was noted during this time of year, possibly due to hunger or the fact they're having to pay their first winter electric bill. (I'm going with the last part, and I'm looking at you LP&L.)

While Full Wolf Moon is the most commonly known name, it's also known as the Frost Exploding Moon, which is totally metal, and the Cold Moon. I actually like Center Moon, which represents the fact that this moon happens in the center of winter.

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