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Update: Texas Tech University has issued a statement regarding the prices of certain goods currently being sold at Sam's Place West.

Allison Hirth, senior director of media and public affairs at the Office of Communications & Marketing, told us that due to the campus store's size and limited offerings, the prices of certain items are on-par with those of places like gas station convenience stores and airport-based shops.

"The limited number of prepackaged goods available at certain campus dining locations are intended to support students seeking convenient access to these items," Hirth said. "Texas Tech University does not purchase these goods in large enough quantities to be able to offer them at rates found in big box stores."
Hirth explained that the focus of Sam's Place West is hot food options. According to Texas Tech's website, the food spot serves items from  Chick-fil-A, Tio's Fajitas, West End Grill and several other brands.
Original story: A Texas Tech student sent in some photos comparing prices of groceries you can find at an on-campus store versus regular grocery store prices, and we were completely shocked.

Poor college kids (and their parents) are definitely paying top dollar in stores on campus compared to what those items typically cost in town.

While it may be more convenient for a student that lives on campus to grab a few things from these stores on campus from time to time, some students don't have a vehicle and find the bulk of their groceries coming from places like Sam's Place West.

Here are a few price comparison photos that might make you spit out your coffee.

Texas Tech Campus Grocery Prices vs. Supermarket Prices

A quick glimpse at price discrepancies for the same products at local grocery stores and Sam's Place West on Texas Tech University campus.

When you've just moved out of your parent's house and are used to your mom doing the grocery shopping, you may not even notice how astronomically high the prices truly are. Students are already going into debt with loans and other expenses. Why are they paying this much on campus?

I can't come up with a good reason for Vienna Sausages to be nearly four times more expensive on campus. Can you?

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