This week, the first episode in the final season of the award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones aired to much fanfare and an extra dose of marketing promotions to be sure that everyone on the planet knows that Winter Is Here.

Then, there's the "other type." The people who have decided that Game of Thrones is not their cup of tea. They may have watched an episode or two, never watched a minute of any episode, or maybe they even gave it a go for the first two seasons and then decided the production value wasn't worth devoting the time to watch.

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Shame on those who have been Negative Nancies about the show and its followers.


Shame GIF

Like many long running popular series, Game of Thrones started with a lower production budget, and the quality of the special effects, wardrobe and sets left much to be desired.  Fortunately, like other well-known productions, the series caught on like a jar of Wildfire.

Because of the huge following which started by readers of the books, the show grew to garner a fanbase that crosses the globe and gave the producers the boost they needed in the budget to make the show an absolute masterpiece.

Whether you fall into the category of former-watcher, never-watcher, or meh-watcher, you're missing out on one of the best things to happen to television since they added color. It's worth revisiting if you started watching and stopped after the first two seasons. The show only gets better and better from start to present, and you only have five more episodes to jump onto the bandwagon because, sadly, the End Is Coming.

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