We're certainly happy for the Toadies to have another moment in the big spotlight, but around these parts, we knew they were big stars all along.

I really don't think I'm overselling this by saying the Toadies star in this trailer for The Midnight Club.

The band themselves are not featured in this trailer, but their song "Possum Kingdom" is so prevalent throughout that it is certainly a highlight. The track is first played normally and then gradually deconstructed through the trailer.

I have to say that people outside of Texas don't understand how much the Toadies meant to us. They were the Texas answer to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice In Chains.  Whereas the rest of the world may only remember Possum Kingdom, the rest of us are listening to "Tyler," "I Come From the Water," "Away" and "Backslider."

A protracted legal battle cut the band's momentum way short after the Rubberneck album, but they've continued to release great albums, No Deliverance being a personal favorite.

The Toadies will hit Lubbock for the inaugural Tacos and Tequila Festival on November 5th, 2022. Those of you who have not seen Toadies live need to step the heck up. I remember adding them to one of our FMX Big Purple Parties in 2014 and them blowing everyone off the stage. They weren't flashy and they had no production, they just rocked because the crowd was so into it.

Luckily, you can relive a little of that below, underneath the trailer for the new Netflix series. Check the out the new trailer for Season 1 of Netflix's The Midnight Club, featuring the Toadies' "Possum Kingdom" used scarily well.

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