Garth Brooks demonstrated the depths of his understanding of love and life in an unlikely place: the sidelines of Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium.

"When you talk about love, you can introduce it to a child this size, or you could deal with a child when he's this size without love in his life...and trust me, you're gonna want to make that investment early," Brooks said to a small group of reporters Sunday morning (April 2). "That's what it's all about. It's all about loving one another, getting along."

Brooks explained how football helps children look beyond their differences.

"When you play football, all of a sudden color doesn't matter. All of a sudden your neighborhood doesn't matter. It's all about what happens on that field, and that's a great thing because football is very much like life. It takes a team, and you're going to be better off being part of something than you could be by yourself," he said.

Words of wisdom from the one and only Garth Brooks.

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