Dude, this show is going to be epic.

Ghost, Mastodon, and Spiritbox will be playing at Moody Center on August 30th, 2022 in Austin, Texas. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 20th. If you're a huge fan like me, you probably already have the website open and ready to snatch up the best seats the second they are available. What a badass lineup!

I've been dying to see Ghost play live ever since I got myself wrapped up in them over the past couple of years. I was late to the game, but as soon as I caught on I was completely hooked. Their newest album Impera has been played over and over again at my house nearly every single day since its release.

To say I'm excited about this concert is an understatement. Rolling Stone called Ghost's show a "euphoric spectacle" and I have zero doubt it could possibly be anything but that.

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Mastodon has been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager and I've been lucky enough to see them a few times. They never disappoint. My favorite album of theirs is still Crack The Skye. All of the albums are fantastic, but that's my number one.

So, if you're looking for a good excuse to skip out of this dusty city for a good time in Austin, grab yourself a pair of tickets and meet me there.

You may also want to keep your COVID-19 vaccination card handy, because the information on the Moody Center's website highlights possible restrictions. Right now there aren't any COVID-19 restrictions, but that could change in the future, the venue explains. If restrictions are put in place, concertgoers would possibly need to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or provide a negative COVID-19 test.

From the Moody Center:

For the health and safety of everyone attending, this event will abide by local laws, guidance from public health authorities, and venue COVID-19 policies. While there are currently no restrictions, enhanced health and safety policies, including the requirement of a negative COVID-19 test (or alternatively proof of full vaccination), may be put in place at any time prior to the show date at the discretion of the venue, presenter, or tour.

The Abandoned Herring Hotel in Amarillo, Texas

You may have passed it a million times while driving downtown, or you may be new to town. Either way, chances are you've seen the beautiful Herring Hotel. The beautiful aging brick tower sits unoccupied on 3rd and Pearce streets. It's a grand building that stands as a reminder of Amarillo's early days as a cattle and oil town and it tells the stories well.

If you've ever wondered what's inside this towering building, just take a peek below.

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