Goat yoga, yes, yoga with adorable baby goats, is coming to Lubbock's The Garden (1801 Buddy Holly) Saturday, November 17th:

The Garden is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Goat Yoga Houston!! You wanted it, we got it! It’s the perfect time of year to spend a beautiful Saturday with a fun way to burn calories, practice your yoga or simply cuddle adorable goats of all sizes. This fall it’s all about the baby goats, kidding season, and we have plenty! Come have the practice and experience of a lifetime surrounded by interactive goats with your friends. Let some of that stress of upcoming finals melt away. This class includes 45 minutes of instructed yoga and 30 minutes of goat play. Also, at this time, you can work on advanced poses, partner poses or just lay with your favorite goat! Then what’s better than walking 20 feet to your favorite bar to grab a drink, hang with your friends and catch a game? We are in an outdoor facility so if there is severe weather, full refunds will be issued. Please bring your own yoga mats, if you don’t have a yoga mat, beach towels work as well. We also have mats for rent! Our class is designed for beginners, but we encourage each yogi to take their practice at their own pace. This will be the only day of classes offered in Lubbock for 2018 because of the cold weather coming. Questions? Call us at (713) 578-0058. The class will be taught by Rachel Henson.

Class times:





Here's a great video of Goat Yoga Houston, so you know exactly what kind of goatie cuddles you're in for:

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