The Lubbock local news segment "Food For Thought" returned to the airwaves last night after a hiatus that began at the offset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. "Food For Thought" examines the health department reports of local Lubbock restaurants, and informs viewers on which, if any, violations a restaurant gets cited for. It was a very popular segment, and I'm sure it will be again.

I feel that this is valuable and important information the public needs. Many Lubbockites are thrilled to have this segment back, myself included. Sure, there's the entertaining "spilling the tea" factor when a restaurant does poorly, but I think we all enjoy seeing a restaurant nail their report as well. And I know we all enjoy the whole "not getting poisoned" thing.

Accountability is important- and this segment makes it easy for us to choose which restaurants to patronize- should their health report be a factor in that decision. (It should be.)

Last night's report (9/7/2023) was the first in three years, and the restaurant featured was Claraboya, inside the Double Tree Hilton. Spoiler Alert: Claraboya was immaculately clean- so you can feel very safe eating their absolutely fire Duck Birria Tacos.  

You can watch the entire segment online here. The segment does a fantastic job of reminding us exactly how inspections work, and why some violations are more critical than others. It's exactly what news reporting should be: edifying, useful, and even entertaining.

Welcome back Food For Thought, I promise never to put anything in the handwash sink besides my hands and soap.

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