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If you've contracted COVID-19 and have since gotten well, your plasma could be a key to developing treatments for folks who are having a more difficult time overcoming the disease.

As much as I hate to say it, many more people will get COVID-19 before this pandemic is over, and many of them will need extra help to endure it:

Plasma is being explored as a possible “emergency use” therapy for select critically ill COVID-19 positive patients.

Not only will your donation be an act of selflessness and heroism, but you'll also be compensated for your time and effort. If you beat COVID-19 and want to kick its butt even further back into the history books, please schedule an appointment by calling 747-6202.

Plasma is used for many other treatments as well, such as helping mothers with RH- blood have healthy babies, and patients who have gone into shock from a loss of blood. Plasma extraction is safe, common, and sanitary. And again, did I mention you'll get paid? You're gonna get paid!

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