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I know, I know. Look at the media spreading fear again.

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott tweeted the BBC News report on Monday, June 29th, less than a week from issuing an order to shut down bars in the Lonestar State.

To summarize the report tweeted by Abbott, the new flu virus is a mutated strain of the 2009 swine flu known as H1N1 pdm09.

Scientists in China say that the new flu virus, carried by pigs, can infect humans and is not protected by current flu vaccines.

According to the report, evidence of infection related to the virus has been found in people who worked in the swine industry in China.

The world is full of pathogens which may cause harm to humans, furthering the argument for behavioral adjustments, such as social distancing and wearing face masks, while scientists work to stay ahead of emerging threats.

If the Governor of the State of Texas is tweeting about a flu virus in China, it may not be worth discussion, but for this Texan, it creates a sense of unease as the unemployment rate rises and uncertainty looms over the economy.

Given the current state of things in Texas, it would stand to reason that it is well past time to start applying recommended health precautions instead of purposefully seeking out issues over which to fight with one another.

The world has much bigger problems than wearing a mask, canceled concerts or not being able to visit a beach.

Until social behavior begins to reflect the desire to protect communities from microscopic threats, larger more tangible things held dear will continue to be compromised, such as the freedoms which are already being jeopardized by shutdowns and pandemic regulations.

Will it take another, more infectious, virus to prevent economies from suffering behavioral habits too stubborn to modify?

Hopefully, this current coronavirus pandemic is enough to compel people to listen to scientists specializing in these viruses and adjust social behaviors before our economy is irreparably damaged.

Otherwise, it's just another politician and the media spreading fear, which I have had enough to last three lifetimes.



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