This is not good. Texans are going to find their favorite watering holes dry again.

Governor Greg Abbott has ordered all Texas bars to be closed again, and for restaurants to be cut back to 50 percent capacity. You can also cancel any plans you have to go rafting or tubing, because those associated businesses were ordered to close as well.

Outdoor gatherings of over 100 people are now also under the scrutiny of local governments.

Gov. Abbott is apparently targeting a certain demographic where coronavirus numbers have exploded. This is all very bad news for the bars who have already taken a hit. The only real upside to this is that the bars can still have pickup and delivery, which some bars have made a very fun thing to do.

Bars have until noon today (Friday, June 26) to comply with the order. Since so few are even open at that time, they are effectively closed as of now. Restaurants have until Monday to comply.

This news was obviously a shock to many as those looking for answers actually crashed the State of Texas Website (as of 9:45 a.m.).

It's our hope that Texans will start wearing masks for each other as a sign of respect and to support our local bars and restaurants. The longer it takes to bring the rate of positive tests down, the longer things will remain closed. Please support our establishments and servers by taking this very important step.

Remember: Heroes Wear Masks! 

This story is being updated as details roll in. 


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