For me, Halloween is less of a holiday and more of a month-long celebration that bleeds well into September (sometimes August, like this year) and well into November. I love everything about it: the aesthetic, the candy, and the fun.

Halloween is also the perfect time for adults to have a party they likely wouldn't otherwise: costume parties! But sometimes it can be hard to find a friend that's hosting one. It is a lot of work after all.

Luckily, you're already invited to a costume party this Halloween: the "Halloweed" party, hosted by Hub City NORML- a Cannabis advocacy group here in Lubbock.

join hub city norml for our annual Halloween party themed HALLOWEED this year up at the koko club. free entry, free raffles and prizes. costume contest with trophy giveaway. the hub city norml booth will be set up for all your educational needs. hope to see u all there.

Green Halloween? Hub City NORML To Host Lubbock Party
Green Halloween? Hub City NORML To Host Lubbock Party

Sounds like a great excuse to finally put together the Towlie costume of my dreams. "Halloweed" will be held Saturday, October 28th from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Koko Club, located at 5201 Avenue Q. The goal of the party- beyond being a fun get-together- is to educate the public on NORML's mission. NORML has existed since 1970 for the purpose of reforming Cannabis laws. Personally, I strongly feel that Cannabis prohibition is inhumane, unjust, and economically, well, really dumb. A cursory Google search will reveal its many medicinal uses, its very low addiction rates, and the massive income states have accrued through the taxation of legal Cannabis.

If you go to the party have fun, but remember Cannabis is still illegal in Texas, so plan accordingly.

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Some discounts from the event include 50% off Chilton’s at The Midnight Shift, 50% pint of Chilton Gose at Two Docs Brewing Co., free upgrade to Tito’s Vodka at The Brewery LBK and The West Table as well as $8.06 Chilton’s (originally $13) at Shotgun Sue’s Saloon.

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