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The RockShow is planning a segment for our morning show on Monday, April 26th and we'd love some of your help. What's the most immature thing about you?

I slept with my baby blanket till I was 18 and I swear I still would if I hadn't lost it on a trip to Chicago. I used to shove it to the bottom of my sleeping bag when I stayed the night with cool friends so nobody would know. It was a white blanket with tiny polka dots and Mickey Mouse characters. I cried and cried when I realized it was missing, and if I'm honest, I probably never really got over its disappearance.

I asked a few of my friends to get the ball rolling on the subject of immaturity, so take a peek at their answers below, then please send us a chat via our app or leave a comment on the FMX Facebook page if you'd like the opportunity to have your story told on-air during The RockShow.

"I'm almost 40 and still only have a computer desk computer chair and a futon for furniture." - Brian Jacobs

"I’m 33 and addicted to crane machines and arcade games." - Joceyln Christiana DeLeon

"When life gets hard and no one is looking, I cry like a little girl and listen to sad pop songs from the 90s" - David Earle Walcher

"I read comics and watch a lot of cartoons. I also can’t pass a 50 cent toy machine without putting quarters in it and getting some plastic bubble with a tiny dinosaur or lips sticker or whatever sweet surprise is inside." - Ronnie Eaton

"I still check for monsters and the boogie man in the closets and under my bed...You’ve seen some of the scary shit I make and been around. It sometimes freaks me out dude!!" - Courtney Boozer (An artist behind many scary things at Nightmare on 19th)

"I’m 52 and sleep with the “bankie” I’ve had since I was 5." - Deb Haas Brooks

"I always bring up seafood in a conversation with my first cousin from Valdosta, Georgia just to hear how many times she says "Skrimps." - Ranney M. Lawrence

"I'm afraid of the dark." - Missy Malone

"I harass my wife as if she were a sibling. Startle her, do fake karate on her, fart on her, etc. It’s amazing I’m still married tbh." - Kyle Corbin

"I always set the thermostat to 69 degrees." - Wes Wicker

"When I'm really relaxed on my days off and have absolutely nothing to do, I sit home and watch tv. But not just tv. I'll sit and watch Arthur, Mickey Mouse Club, Icarly, Victorious, .....you get the idea. Lol. And I'm not afraid to say I enjoy watching those shows." - Paul Rodriguez

"I laugh at funerals. Like the graveside service. It’s awful. I haven’t figured out how to control it. I literally cannot attend them. I tell people it’s because I’m too upset but really it’s because I will nervously laugh the entire time." - Katie Thompson

"I just have a really dirty mind. Pretty much anytime the opportunity presents itself I will say “that’s what she said”." - Chelsie Bewley

We have so many more answers to share with you, and you will hear a few of these as well, Monday morning (April 26th) on The RockShow. Please share the most immature thing about yourself with us and tune in to Lubbock's number one morning show for all of the fun.

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