Let's be honest: this has not been the most blissful of years when it comes to supply and demand. Let's look at what Pandemicpalooza, and other factors, have brought to our fair land.

  • Shortages of toilet paper
  • A run on bottled water
  • A vastly reduced inventory of new vehicles
  • A brief panic over the availability of Dr Pepper
  • Gas shortages and price increases (Thanks, Russian hackers)

And now, the unkindest cut of all...



So, are you saying we should panic?


Duly noted.

I had heard the stories that there was sauce rationing taking place at Chick-fil-A, but needed to know for myself. I was already feeling a bit peckish (Chicken? Peck? Get It?) when I decided to test the theory that if you tried, you can always get what you want. After all, I'm pretty used to having a metric ton of ketchup packets added to every fast food order, so why would today be any different?

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

How wrong I was.

As I ordered my meal of Chickie Nuggies at a Lubbock Chick-fil-A location, I asked if I could have more Polynesian Sauce, which is the greatest sauce ever created. I decided to shoot hidden video of the encounter to record either proof of a sauce shortage or to debunk the myth.

Yup, I was shot down like Snoopy during a battle with The Red Baron. They were only allowing two sauces per order, no more. The shortage was totally confirmed, and I drove on, concerned for the future of our nation. I was handed my food, and noticed that the two precious sauces had already been pre-sorted and placed in a plastic bag. They were NOT kidding around here.

This simply confirms that life is precious and you can never take anything you love for granted. I have one Polynesian Sauce container left, which I will be placing under lock and key. Or on eBay. Opening bid = $15,000.

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