In Lubbock, one thing we all know and hate is flooding. It happens everywhere.

Well, if you have been wanting to chance to fix it or speak your mind, here's your chance. The City of Lubbock wants your opinion on the flooding in Lubbock.

The city is opening a survey for the next six months that citizens can fill out and share their thoughts. The City of Lubbock Engineering Department asked residents to take part in a flood questionnaire survey to better understand flooding issues and to voice their concerns.

The purpose of the survey is to get input on flooding issues and better define floodplain management and flooding prevention goals.

To know exactly what area you're in they will ask you some questions like what neighborhood you live in, how long you've lived there, how prepared you are and things like that. Then, it will go into more detail about the area you live in and what you want to say. Some questions are multiple choice, and others are short answers. It shouldn't take you that long, so it would be really easy to fill out and hopefully get some change.

I know this has been an issue for a long time, and with all the rain we've had this past weekend I've seen some really bad areas. Hopefully, this will lead to the first of a lot of changes in Lubbock.

You can take that survey here. Remember: it will be open for six months, but you may want to take it now so you don't forget. I'll definitely be filling out the survey.

Flooding In Lubbock, Texas

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