Holy cow. I have spent a lot of time defending Nickelback. They are partially responsible for restarting the concert scene here in the late 90's through present day. Still, I can't lie about this one.

Photo by Michael Muller
Photo by Michael Muller

So, haters are everywhere, and today I'm going to be one.  I was asked by a promotion company what I thought of the new Nickelback. I pulled it up and it starts so cool and you start banging your head a little bit, then what the hell???  So here's the actual review of the song I sent back to the promotion guy, slightly edited for language.

Nickelback-Never understood why people hated this band……………….until now. Seriously, what the f@ck? Not a cute twist with the lyrics, just godd@mn dumb. I feel stupider for having heard it. It made me throw up in my mouth a little. I think it gave me gout. Damn…that sh@t is like “The Ring” but with audio…some bitch come out of your speaker and eats your soul.  I would give up tits to never have to hear it again.  Fu@king heinous.

I still have love in my heart for the guys for all of the things they've done for Lubbock and all of the bands that they told "you have to go to Lubbock", but this so is no bueno. Sorry guys.

Still, if you like the song, let us know. Maybe I was just having a bad day.

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