My Friday started off with a big bang, literally as I was driving into town and what happened next had me counting my blessings.

I got up Friday morning giving myself extra time to get to work on time and safely. The traffic wasn't to bad until I got into Lubbock and loop traffic was stating to back up and cause other drivers to speed on by which could have been bad but people drive like knuckleheads sometimes.

So as I exited off of Quaker off the loop, I noticed a red 4 door Z71 pickup that had about a 3inch lift coming up on me quick and when he tried to slow down he started to lose control of his pickup.

Now when he came up on me I had to either move over quick or get hit by this guy. So I had to jump the curb after the guardrail and when I jumped it my head hit the top of the jeep so hard that the metal dot on my cap had cut my head open and on top of that I either ran over something or punctured my tire to where it went flat.

After it all had settled down of course the dude didn't stop but I had to get off the road so I pulled up to the light at Quaker and the Loop and limped my way to the parking lot of Stein Mart and called Wes to come get me.

I am glad that no one was hurt and the jeep only had a flat tire. This whole thing could have been avoided if the dude would have just slowed down and took his time which is just something that should be used in good driving practices, just slow down and take you time.


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