What even happened this past Sunday?

I've been through 40+ years of West Texas duststorms and February 26th was an absolute doozy (that's in the year of our lord 2023 for future generations reading this). For people not scared of strong breezes, it was a little frightening. Luckily the power held on (for most) and we're just left with a heck of a lot of cleanup.

Think about this, those were close to being "hurricane winds". If you don't believe me, check this out:

When a storm's maximum sustained winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane-National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration.

I will leave the exact wind measurements to people with far more knowledge than me, but I do know for a fact that we went past the 75 mph range. And again, what made this windstorm crazy was that it was constantly strong winds.

We saw reports of downed powerlines, downed trees, and of course, there are fences all across town that just couldn't handle the weather. Businesses no doubt lost signs and worst of all, some of you are suffering big time from dust-related coughs, headaches, and general congestion.

My personal Facebook feed was flooded with pictures of this very brown day in Lubbock so I thought I would aggregate them for you. I don't know if you'll necessarily want to look back on these as "fond memories" but maybe someday you can tell your grandkids the kind of winds you made it through (well that, or you could send the link to relatives who sad, "is it really that windy there".

Lubbock Duststorm February 26th, 2023

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