What a concept.

Last Sunday, September 26th, there was a hilarious service available online for you to order a chicken sandwich on the holiest of days from the holiest of chicken restaurants. Sunday is the day you always want Chick-fil-A, but for some reason, Jesus doesn't roll with that.

The service, blasphemously called Sunday Service, costs a glorious $6.66. Unfortunately, it looks like the site is currently sold out.

From their website:

MSCHF Sunday Service delivers Chik-fil-A sandwiches on Sundays. Chik-fil-A enforces certain Christian tenets including observation of the Sabbath for all restaurants. Consequently, locations are closed on Sundays. MSCHF Sunday Service circumvents this.

What a fantastic little jab at those waffle fries that leave you with the taste of homophobia in your mouth.

I stopped going to Chick-fil-A a million years ago for a number of different reasons, but I would absolutely have ordered from this service last Sunday if I'd known ahead of time. It seems like they may be doing it again, and it's only available in select areas. Bummer that Lubbock, Texas is probably not one of those.

All of this Sunday Chick-fil-A sandwich business was the idea of the group MSCHF (Mischief), who are also behind stuff like the Lil Nas X-affiliated Satan Shoes, as well as AI-generated foot pics, and Bull & Moon, a place where you can base your stock purchases on your astrological sign. I love it. What a bunch of fun people!

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So, here's to hoping that a few lucky people out there got to sit back with their middle finger to the sky while chomping down on some of that religious chicken.

Sundays are the worst day of the week and I believe I'll stand by that until the day I die. As soon as I realized that church stuff was a crock of crap, there was no way my parents could drag me out of the house to listen to that crap on Sundays again. Every punishment was worth it, tenfold.

Eat chicken, drink lemonade, hail Satan, and crank up 94.5 FMX.

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