A Texas Tech Fraternity/Sorority's Greek letters were sloppily spray-painted all over a beautiful local mural over the weekend. Additionally, the mural was "egged," adding insult to injury. The mural is on a wall outside Miss Megan's Make Room (2619 34th Street) and features art that was rendered by 24 children, 2 assistants, and Megan herself- over many hours. Imagine defacing the art of literal children.

The Greek letters, which look like a triangle and an "X" stand for Delta Chi, which could indicate that the vandal is a member of the organization, but it could also mean it is a rival group looking to get Delta Chi in trouble. It could, of course, also be someone with no "Greek" affiliation, but that seems unlikely to me.

Photo by Vadim Fomenok on Unsplash
Photo by Vadim Fomenok on Unsplash

I frequently go "to bat" for our population of Tech students. Lubbock needs them to maintain a vibrant culture and a robust economy. But today, I am embarrassed I spoke on their behalf so loudly. If a Tech-affiliated group did this, it's utterly shameful.

It is my sincere hope and my expectation that the Texas Tech Greek community corrects this mistake as quickly as possible. Miss Megan's Make Room should not have to clean this mess up. Some have suggested retaliation, but I agree with Miss Megan that isn't the proper way to handle this, as it validifies the "prank."

Instead, these student organizations should be required to serve their community to absolve this misdeed- even if it must be done so collectively. I hate that possibly only one rotten apple did this (although I bet it was a few), but it does spoil the whole bunch, at least in the eyes of many in our community, myself included.

Tech students- give me a reason to stand up for you again, because at this moment I am quite disinclined.

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