Lubbock, Texas high school student Hector Montez discussed his difficult childhood on "The Steve Harvey Show" and how far he's come with help from one special local teacher.

Montez and his teacher, Thomas Walser, both appeared on the "Harvey's Hero" segment of the show Friday (Oct. 14) because of a viral video that thrust the pair into the national spotlight.

In that video, Montez surprised Walser with a new pair of Air Jordans. The teacher had told Montez that he always wanted a pair of the popular sneakers as a kid, but never got them. Montez never forgot that and purchased a pair of the shoes for Walser with his own money.

But during their appearance on Steve Harvey's show, Montez fought back tears when he shared something he'd never told his teacher.

"I never told you because I don't tell many people, but I was in foster care for 11 years, and a lot of people had given up on me, and I just wanted to thank you for never giving up on me," Montez said, choking up.

After the revelation, Walser gave Montez a big hug. "I ain't never going to," Walser said.

It was a powerful moment that moved many to tears. Even Harvey appeared touched, commending Walser for being a good father-figure to Montez.

After Montez's thank you to his coach, the show host revealed that Walser was a "Harvey's Hero," giving the Coronado High School coach a jacket with his name emblazoned on it. "Look at that - it's got my name on it and everything," said Walser, impressed and grateful.

Harvey wasn't done. After also naming Montez a "Harvey's Hero" and giving him a jacket, the host revealed he was giving Coach Walser a check for $5,000 to use for school supplies. "I never had a big check before," joked Walser.

Montez then received a $10,000 check to go toward his college tuition.

All this from a grateful student's kind gesture to his teacher. Pay it forward, indeed.


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