Coronado High School student Hector Montez and his teacher Thomas Walser will both appear on "The Steve Harvey Show" Friday to discuss their viral video.

The pair discussed the video where Montez surprised Coach Walser with a new pair of Air Jordans -- sneakers he had wanted since he was a kid. The coach was blown away by the gesture, and the sweet moment was captured on video. That clip quickly went viral and was picked up by NBC Sports, where more than one million people saw it.

Not long after, Montez was himself surprised by a package from Nike. Inside was a new pair of sneakers along with a note that read: "Your teacher inspired you. You inspired us. Continue to be the change you want to see."

The pair each received a check during their appearance. Walser received a $5,000 check for classroom supplies, and Montez received $10,000 to go towards his college education.

Hector says that Coach Walser helped him turn his life around. Hector grew up in the foster system and lived in a lot of foster homes before he was finally adopted at the age of 15. Hector wants to thank Coach Walser for never giving up on him and for the positive impact he had on his life.

You can see Walser and Montez represent Lubbock on The Steve Harvey Show when the episode airs Friday, Oct. 14 at 3 p.m. on FOX34 KJTV.

[via Fox 34]


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