Hey kids! Do you like violence?Hellzapoppin Circus SideShow Revue, Inc. TM

Yes, Lubbock's Most Beloved Radio Personality™ just dropped an Eminem reference. Here's the deal: if you ever want to see one of these circus sideshow thingies, then these are your guys. (Well, since you can't see Jim Rose.)

The folks at HELLZAPOPPIN CIRCUS SIDESHOW REVUE have toured with all of your favorite bands and I've been fortunate enough to spend just a little time with them at one our events as well. The have appeared on television multiple times including America's Got Talent, Fool Us with Penn & Teller, AMC's Freakshow and others.

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So what do you get? Well, this is called the Face Your Fears Tour, so with these guys it's almost 'anything can happen day.' The crew performs classic circus sideshow stunts, usually with some kind of genuinely insane twist perfect for rock audiences.

Do you want to get more specific about some of their stunts? Short E. Dangerously, 'The Half Man,' walks on glass on his hands will on fire. Is that enough for you?

Hellzapoppin' will be a Jake's Backroom Tuesday night. The show starts at 7 p.m.

This may be last-minute news to many of you, but it could be one of the most fun nights you've ever had. These guys are accomplished pros and we know you'll have a good time.

You can pick up your advanced tickets online here, at Ralph's Records or at the door. Tickets are $25.

Go support the near-ancient art of circus sideshow with Hellzapoppin' tonight.

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