This is a prank war going to new levels. My friend Brink, the bass player from the band Faktion, is in the middle of a prank war with his dad. His ultimate prank? A GoFundMe page to put his dad in a home.

So here is the GoFundMe page. We're looking for donations to put his dad in a home.

My Father has recently been running around with a rubber chicken.... Taking pictures of it everywhere... I'm concerned but due to lack of funding I can't put him in a home. This has even escalated to the point where him and his wife sent me a metal goat.... Actually in all fairness he is fine. But, any money raised here will be donated to The Boy Scouts of America. Him and I are a couple of jokers that continually raise the bar. Yes, The Chicken is real. And yes, I did receive a metal goat in the mail.....

As you can see, any actual money raised will be donated to charity. So have some fun and help a good cause, donate today.

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