Some of you remember the Denton band Faktion. they had 2 singles that we played on FMX of their Roadrunner debut album. Take It All Away and Distance. Their bass player, and one of my good friends, Jeremy Coan aka Brink, has passed away.

He was always such a fun person to be friends with. He even had me write a blog on our websites one time because he started a GoFundMe page to put his dad in a home. Just as a joke. IT was hilarious to those of us that knew him.

I honestly don't know how to process this right now. So I won't. You can go to his Facebook page and read his dad Cliff's post about him. Then I"ll share his music. After that I don't know what to do. I guess just celebrate the music he left us with that will last forever.

Distance was always my favorite song of theirs.

Take It All Away was their breakout, and biggest track.

But the most poignant song of theirs to play right now is Letting You Go. I'll never let you go from my heart brother, but I have to let your physical form go now. R.I.P.

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