We ran into a bit of a problem with the FMX Big Purple P-rty. Evidently, somebody else had an event called a "Purple P-rty" and they trademarked it or something.

Photo: Justin Massoud, KFMX
Photo: Justin Massoud, KFMX

Now since our event has two words (FMX, Big) before the other two words, you'd think that would be enough to appease them. The problem is, whenever they'd search for their little event, ours would come up instead. Boom, now you know the backstory.

Not wanting to waste money on lawyers, it's best if we change the name up a bit, but we want to keep the idea behind the party the same. Basically, I saw how much fun people were having at color runs, and decided to do the same with a concert. We will continue to celebrate all things purple and make paint available for people to paint themselves whenever the event happens.

As luck would have it, there's a chance we'll have another Purple P-rty on our hands this year. It all depends on routing and how many of the bands are subject to lockout contracts at the larger festivals (contracts that keep them from playing in the area within a certain amount of days of the other event).

So vote. Remember, your vote is NOT a meaningless exercise. Your interest and engagement in this event is also proof to the bands and promoters that you want this event to continue. We may chose one of these answers, or we may come up with our own, but we'd sure like your input.

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