My mission to make Facebook a better place continues.

I have launched another group to help populate your Facebook feed with the good stuff. This page is dedicated to crafts, since so many people seem to be doing neat things right now.

The page is called, "Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Crafts." Let me start by saying the uncomfortable close-up part of the name should be taken with a grain of salt; it's just a continuation of a theme that I've had going.

The goal is to publish crafts from decorations to woodworking, neat gardening projects, and more. The page will be full of idea starters and neat stuff people made. On this particular page, we're even allowing craft-makers to link back to their own pages and Etsy shops.

If you like making stuff, feel free to join up now. In fact, here are all the Facebook pages/groups you might be interested in:

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