Growing up in Texas in a Mexican American household has its up and downs like for instance learning to flip a tortilla with your bare hand or your new pet pig going missing and having bacon for breakfast the next day. There are actually a lot of things that can be done to bring us closer to our culture and one thing you might not have learned in high school Spanish class is cabalgatas.

Cabalgatas is the spanish term for going riding on a horse and taking the scenery and nature to get a sense of tranquility as you reconnect with the Earth. In this scenario a cabalgata is horse riding done with a group of friends and you reconnect or bond by taking in each others company.

A local group, that call themselves Los Cabalgantes de Lubbock, actually hold regular cabalgatas as a way to help those who need help paying for funerals or medical bills. This group also tends to have horses that know dance routines that they themselves have spent countless hours teaching the animals to do. At one of these events there is usually amazing Mexican food you can buy, raffles you buy into, all while being able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and horses.

This local group, in partnership with Lienzo San Miguel in New Deal, is holding a special cabalgata to help one of the members sisters pay for her medical bills as she battles cancer. Roxanna Rodriguez has been battling cancer for the last two years and so Los Cabalgantes de Lubbock decided to help one of their own by asking the community for some help. There will be music, carnitas, the classic raffle with great prizes and of course the horses will be performing their dance routines during the ride.

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This event is free to attend with all proceeds from sales and donations going to Roxanna's medical bills as she continues to fight cancer. This cabalgata will be at 201 N Emory in New Deal starting at noon Saturday, April 29, and go until very late.

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