I knew something like this was happening soon. Now it has. Hollywood Undead has their own brand of California Finest joints. You know, weed cigarettes. Not available, yet, in Texas.

Last time I talked to George, aka Johnny 3 Tears, he was telling me about a project the band was working on. He didn't go into much detail but said it was going to be huge. Well if they've got their own strain of marijuana and are selling their own weed line now, yeah that's pretty huge! With sales booming all across the states where cannabis is now legal, these are possibly going to sell better than any merchandise they sell at shows!

California Finest is a cannabis company that produces a few strains for different musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, and Anthrax.

I'll find out more from George in the next month or two when I talk to him for the upcoming show on December 5th.

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