After eight years of berating his fellow doctors and dispensing tough-love medical advice, Dr. Gregory House will finally be hanging up his stethoscope. In a statement issued Wednesday, Emmy-nominated actor Hugh Laurie and show producers announced that ‘House’ will conclude at the end of its current season.

The statement describes House as an “enigmatic creature” and that it’s best for him to retire while there is still some “promise and mystique in the air.” It also goes on to describe the decision to end the Fox medical drama as a “painful” one.

And yet, while remote, it’s possible this may not be the end of ‘House.’ Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reilly said NBC Universal, which owns the show, could choose to move it to NBC.

What do you think? Has ‘House’ run its course? Or would you like to see it resurrected on another network?

[via ABC News]

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