So, I have spent the majority of my day flat on my back watching TV... TV that I pay nearly $120.00 a month for... and I have just realized that close to 99% of the time their just "aint *hit on!"

There are those rare sports days when there are games I want to watch on nearly every channel, only problem with that is I find myself bouncing back and forth between games, and then more times than I care to admit, I forget either what channel the "other" game I was watching was on, or I get so involved in one that I turn back to the other only to find out I have missed something MAJOR.

Ticks ME OFF when I do that!

Anyway so as I was laying here today I got to thinking about the good old days when there were only 3 to 5 major channels to choose from, and they were FREE!

Back then when there wasn't *hit on, there REALLY WASN'T *HIT ON!. And even better, it was impossible for me to forget what channel the other game was on, and if "something" distracted me to the point that I did "forget" it was easy to flip through and find something to watch.

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