So I don’t know if many of you have been keeping up with the news lately…let me fill you in if you haven’t.

Monday evening in Cleveland a man heard screaming coming from next door and comes to find out that there is a woman trying to get out of the house. She identifies herself and it ends up being Amanda Berry, a person who has been missing for a decade. As she gets out she brings her daughter then tells the man to call the Police because there are two other women in the house that needed to be rescued!

This man did a great thing and because of what he did, his interview has gone viral all over the internet. I mean I’ve seen this interview on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo. Some people are saying that this man isn’t a hero because all he did was call the police and that Amanda is the real hero here. But honestly, I think both of them, Charles and Amanda are heroes…Yes Amanda got loose from being tied up and yelled for help and Charles went to rescue her. So I feel like they are both heroes.

Its just crazy how after 10 years they find 3 missing women and they were literally blocks maybe miles from where they had gotten kidnapped. I wouldn't even know how to handle being freed. I wish these 3 women nothing but the best and that this guy (Ariel Castro) gets exactly what he deserves!

This video is pretty awesome. There are parts where it is funny but it’s a happy kind of  interview if that makes sense. This is a feel good story that can brighten your week!

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