Have you noticed the "Top Fan" badges on Facebook?




We actually noticed this new Facebook feature while playing "What's In The Box?" live on our Facebook page (Tuesdays at 10 a.m. CT!).

Here's an example of three listeners who received the designation:


That little diamond and the words "Top Fan" mean you are really cool. It means that you are interacting with our Facebook more than other people.

While it appears no one knows, or is willing to divulge, exactly what it takes to be a Top Fan on Facebook (we checked), it's safe to say that it has to do with comments, likes, and shares. It also may help if you prioritize FMX in your Facebook feed. That way, you'll see more of our stuff more often, giving you more chances to like, comment and share and earn that "Top Fan" badge.

In researching this, we also found that being a "Top Fan" is something that appears to be weighed and measured every so often. This means that you don't hit this achievement and keep it forever; you have to keep earning it.

The good news is, even with 36,000+ Facebook fans, it doesn't appear to be too hard to hit that Top Fan status on our page.

So what does "Top Fan" really mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, it's really too early to tell as this Facebook feature was only recently launched. I can see where it could easily be used at least as a tiebreaker or entry point for contests.

Hey, if you love 94.5 FMX, you might as well be a "Top Fan," anyways.