How would you like to own an FMX shirt so exclusive that even the FMX personalities won't get one?

Yes, I'm a little sad I won't get one of these shirts, but I'm pretty darn stoked for the people who do.

We have done any number of FMXclusive designs, in fact, you can check out a whole gallery down at the bottom of this post. We have also explored any number of spot and non-spot-related designs to commemorate our birthdays, concerts, and remote appearance. That last category is where today's design comes in.

Are you ready for the FMX Easter Egg Spot? This design totally rocks. We have done an Easter Egg Spot before but I have to say that I think this current design *POPS* quite a bit more. It is a bit bolder, and flashy, and everyone will know that you're one of the select few to score something this cool.

I'm even going to tell you now HOW exclusive it's going to be. There are only 24 being ordered. That's all. It's a one-and-done thing for 2023. You might even think that with this small of a number, you might not have a chance at one, and you are wrong. You very much have a chance to win one.

The shirts are in celebration of our return to Lucky Dollar at 4408 50th, this Saturday from 11a-1p. Now, you might think it might be a bit of a madhouse, but you still have a chance. Renee Raven will have Easter Eggs filled with prizes. You might score a "Lucky Dollar" to spend in the store, Texas Tech Baseball tickets, Nothing Bundt Cakes, or other prizes. You might also be one of the lucky ones to grab up one of these shirts.

There is ONE more way to win. The RockShow will be giving away three on air, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:05. I do hope you get lucky and score one of these exclusive shirts.

Lastly, I have to put in another plug for Advanced Graphix. The art/design department always steps up and always exceeds our expectations. We have never had design, quality, or delivery issues with them and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

FMX Shirts 1

FMX Shirts 2

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