Dear Saturday Night Live,

You have wasted 90 minutes of my life for the last time.  Go f@#$ yourself.  No laughs and horrible "musical" acts.  What's the point?  I had got to the point of the show and skipping the really terrible stuff and ending up with about ten minutes of watchable material.  Now I feel like I'm truly staring at "an idiot box".  More after the jump.

I was very tired but very awake last night and made the mistake of watching the show intact. There were some mildly amusing moments that made you think something big was coming up...but it never did.

I know why the show sucks and it can be summed up in one word: ego.  For those unaware, the writers pitch ideas to the guest hosts and the hosts and the producers decide whats going to be in the show.  With this process, the writers are intentionally going to kow-tow to the personality so they can get their stuff on the show.  Next, most of the hosts are actors.  Actors are not comedians, and they have no real idea what will "go over" live.  Next, is Kristen Wiig.  Someone needs to quit pumping up her ego by putting her in every skit.  I can literally hear her at a writers meeting jumping in 3/4s of the way in saying, "oh and I can come in with this wacky character I've been working on".   Meanwhile you have great talents like Jay Pharoh and Abby Elliot sitting on the sidelines for most, if not all of the show.   I understand this isn't pee-wee football "where everybody gets to play"? But "if you put enough lifeguards around a pool, nobody drowns".

I know how hard it is to make people laugh.  I'm just a dumb-dumb local d.j. with no support staff.  I'm happy just to get a grin out of people every once in a while, and we surround ourselves with great music.  So how is it that a dozen or so incredibly talented people, with a couple of dozen incredibly talented writers can't fill about 45 minutes (or even 15 of those minutes) with some laughs?

My love/hate relationship with Saturday Night Live is over.  I will not sit through another live show every again. Will I d.v.r.?  I'm going to try hard not to.  I was a fan from day one and I've just had enough broken promises and empty moments.  I'll just start fights on the internet instead.