Gawd I hate internet trends.  The type of trends I'm talking about our the little trolling type trends that pop up every once in a while.  One of the ones that really gets to me is when you have an event or movie trailer or something that everyone is really excited about and some little troll types "...meh.."  More after the jump.


I find it incredibly sad that some live to sit in their parents basement looking to do more than spoil someone elses good time. If something doesn't excite you, maybe you should crawl out from under your mamas robe and find something that does.  Maybe YOU should put on a show or make a movie or do something other than play Warcraft for 18 days in a row.  Maybe you're burnt out on life because you've never had sex, or seen wild animals, or rode a motorcycle.  Maybe if you'd pull your hand off that mouse and your head out of your ass you'd have something productive to add to the world.  "Meh" should be code for "punch me in the face because I need the excitement".  Maybe you could get two brain cells to team up and write about what excites you instead of just harshing on the good and fun things that other people are doing with their lives.  The internet may be the greatest thing ever invented because it allows you to pursue knowledge, fun and adventure right from your keyboard; if the best you can get out of it is "meh", then it's time for you to unplug.

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