WWE this last Saturday in Lubbock was ridiculously fun. Combining energetic and exciting performances from incredible athletes with fun story lines. It was everything you want from live wrestling.

I grew up during the "golden age" of wrestling, watching Hulk Hogan or The Undertaker every weekend with my dad. Nowadays, I'm really partial to female wrestlers. They've really come into their own without having to either be a girlfriend or Chyna. (RIP, Chyna - you're still my no. 1.)

I'm grateful I ended up with really great seats because I got some great pictures --including Naomi twerking on her opponent's face!

Renee Raven
Renee Raven, 94.5 FMX

I didn't have a professional camera or anything, so most of my shots were a little blurry, but here's a few more I'm fond of:

WWE in Lubbock, Texas (June 1st, 2019)

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