The old adage is "it never hurts to ask," and while that's generally true, asking me for KISS tickets will hurt me, because I won't have any to give you.

And I love you, so it hurts my feelings to tell you "no." Truly, I feel guilty every time, and even though it's not me being stingy or mean, it just feels yucky, you know?

This happens around every big show. It's par for the course working at a radio station. Cousins, high school friends, complete randoms, and really everybody is suddenly very interested in your life, and oh, by the you have an extra pair of KISS tickets?

No, I do not.

To date, I've been asked three times for tickets to KISS in Lubbock. By the time of the March 2020 show, I estimate it'll be at least 20.

These things are guaranteed to be a rare commodity. That's why you should download the 94.5 FMX app if you haven't already, turn on push notifications and keep your eyes open for chances to enter to win.

Your odds are as good as anyone else's, and since your chances of getting any off me because you asked nicely is 0 percent, that's your best route. Of course, you can also buy them.


Don't misunderstand me, I'm excited that you're excited for the show, and I do hope to see you there. If I could give you a pair of tickets, I would, but I'm not a human ticket cornucopia. I cannot give what I do not have.

My biggest advice for this show, and any other show, is don't do that Lubbock thing. You know what I'm talking about. Waiting to "walk up" to a show only to find out it's sold out.

Bad Wolves and The Toadies are both very recent examples of that, as is Metallica. Get your tickets as early as you can, and enjoy the show. It's going to be epic.

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