Ice T the front man of the metal band Body Count is known for intensity on stage and of course there is his acting gig on SVU. But what is a little known fact is that Ice T is huge gamer and in this video he shows off his d!ck dance that he does when he beats a hard level.

Call Of Duty and first person shooter games seems to be his games of choice when it comes to doing his d!ck dance. I can't really blame Ice T for getting excited when it comes to beating a game or a level. You invest so much time into these games and sometimes we get a little excited.

Ice T's band Body Count will be a part of this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and I am so stoked to see them live for the very first time. I will be going to the Dallas date on August 9th and you can sign up for tickets and a chance to meet Korn here.

Checkout the video of Ice T and his d!ck dance!