Danny is a third-generation FMXer.

Danny's father rocked with FMX and Danny's grandfather rocked with FMX. Danny is teaching his children to rock with FMX.

Danny parlayed his love of FMX into a job at Townsquare Media. Today Danny is on my "team" and is offering deals and steals on FMX, digital and our other radio stations. If you need a website, he can hook you up. If you need to be on FMX, KISS FM, Lonestar 99 5, Awesome 98, KFYO, or KKAM then Danny is your man.

You will never get a better deal than you will from Danny today.  So, if Danny Loa from Townsquare calls, you owe it to yourself to listen. He's a good dude and he rocks! You can also call and ask for him at 806-798-7078.

Remember, you love your friend in the radio business, Wes Nessman and he says, "Danny is good and he'll treat me right", so listen to Danny because I might win a whole bag of Halloween candy if you do....and there just might be a little that I can slide your way.

Rampage (2018)
New Line.   This is not Danny Loa, this is Dwayne Johnson and he's very likable like Danny Loa.

Hurry and write the name Danny Loa down. Once everyone founds out I did this, they'll probably take the post down.


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