Things are getting much worse before they get better, folks, and the hospitals in Lubbock are cram-packed with people sick with COVID-19. If you think that you are better off without getting a vaccination, please reconsider.

People are throwing out opinions and conspiracy theories across the internet as actual facts, and those of us that look toward our friends and family for guidance can be left feeling a bit confused. We trust the opinions of those close to us, and perhaps the people in your circle don't think coronavirus is a big deal.

Maybe your family believes that even if you get sick, you won't die. Most people won't, and they aren't wrong about that, but we've seen over the past nearly two years that many people do die. It's the sad truth. Doctors and nurses and scientists across the country have been begging us, pleading with us, and warning us of the dangers of this deadly virus. They aren't collectively doing this to burden you or scare you. They aren't doing this to show their dominance or to take away your freedoms.

They are trying to save your life. Let them.

My buddy had a double lung transplant after nearly dying over and over again over the course of 8 months in the hospital. He almost wasn't approved for the new lungs because he was experiencing multiple organ failure after living on an ECMO machine for as long as he did. He is in his 30s and his only preexisting condition was asthma. He even said that he wasn't worried about the virus before it nearly killed him.

If you are of the opinion that this disease won't affect you or someone you love, or if you think none of it is a big deal, try telling that to someone that has lost their mother and father. Someone that has lost their child. Someone that has spent months trying to make sure a person in their household with an autoimmune disease has been kept safe from the virus, only to lose them.

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There is nothing more patriotic than taking care of those around you in your community, and if getting vaccinated can save someone's life or even your own, then what exactly are you waiting for? You aren't giving up. You aren't surrendering. You are doing your part as a global citizen by getting vaccinated. I urge you to reconsider and to learn the facts of this disease from a trusted source, someone other than your uncle that owns the smoke shop down the street.

He may be a professional cigar salesman, but he doesn't know d*ck about this virus. If you want to know the facts, please click here, and ignore all of the BS you read on Facebook.

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