I wasn't going to cover this because I wasn't sure if I could even get through the video, but this dude is such a piece of crap that any way to get the word out about him is absolutely worth it.

A pest control man in Las Vegas was caught on a Ring camera kicking a cat for what appears to be absolutely no reason at all.

He was not attacked by the cat. The cat actually walks past him with its tail up, likely thinking it was a nice human that would give it a little love. Instead, this man looks around to see if anyone is near before kicking the ever-living crap out of it. The kitty didn't even see it coming and was innocently having a drink of water out of a nearby dish.

There is an audible sound of the cat hitting the ground that made me want to vomit. Cats typically land on their feet. In this case, it did not. Afterward, the jackass just walks away like nothing even happened.

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I like to think the best of people. I like to think that nobody goes out of their way to cause harm. That is clearly not the case, and bad people are a very real thing. It doesn't take more than this video to see that some people have no conscience at all.

The company this man worked for, Williams Pest Control, issued an apology and fired him.

Someone in the pest control industry that doesn't like animals is a dangerous person to have in that kind of position. His job was to literally kill and trap pests, and he likely had all of the equipment at his fingers to do so. So what I'm wondering is...do we have the makings of a serial killer here?

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