Beau of the Fifth Column is a very popular YouTube commentator with over half a million subscribers. He's ex-military, and has even worked as a military contractor. It's very interesting to see his take on things.

Beau's Facebook page describes him as "a Southern Journalist Who's Tired of a Lack of Common Sense in This World." Beau tends to present fact-checked, informative commentary on the days' events.

In this particular video, Beau does a takedown of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's plan to build a wall that must be heard -- and a little about our power grid, as well. Beau presents some very compelling evidence that it's all just a scam for votes.

The information in this video is so well researched (at least it appears to be) that I didn't want to lose anything in translation. I also didn't want to plagiarize the guy by using his facts. Still, try to listen to someone from outside of Texas (he's based in Florida) about the posturing here in Texas. The information about how wealthy Texas is, but where the money really goes is mind-blowing.

My friends, we are very lucky to live in Texas, but the people up top have been there too long and they're willing to take us down to stay there. People aren't as jealous of Texas as you think. Because of our leadership, sometimes they're out and out embarrassed by us. (One commentator on Beau's video said, "Please tell me the wall is going to keep Texans in.")

We can do better. We have done better. We can lead when it comes to infrastructure, education and healthcare. We have the money to do all these things, we just have to quit being distracted by the people on top that take it all.

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