Every single person who allowed the transition of Lubbock power to ERCOT should be fired or voted out. Every single government official who has not brought them in line needs to go, too.

It's been TWO WEEKS since we switched over to ERCOT, and we're already being asked to conserve energy in the middle of a heatwave. You are being asked to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees and avoid using large appliances. The decision to stick with ERCOT is the most ridiculous decision that's been made for the City of Lubbock, even topping the flood-damaged Citizen's Tower.

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You were warned. People froze to death in Texas this winter. What other proof did we need to prove that ERCOT was a giant mess that we didn't need to be a part of? It doesn't matter if wheels were already turning, we had the ultimate out. No judge would blame us for walking a deal in which the other side literally had people die under their watch.

I'm sorry, this isn't potholes not being fixed, slowly crumbling infrastructure or any other beef you might have with the city. This is something that we're no doubt tied to forever.  Trust me, as soon as the pressure is off, there will be laws against us bailing on this grid and we'll be stuck with it.

I want to see any city leader stand up and defend this. Go ahead and try to tell us that this is a "good thing" and that this will blow over. They knew we were coming over and they couldn't even handle what they had on the grid.

ERCOT is a joke, and everyone in on it needs to go.

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