I gotta be totally honest here, the last time I was on a plane I was heading for a week long vacation in Mexico, and I can promise you the last thing I had on  my mind was what to do "in the event of an emergency."

As the flight attendants were going through their safety instructions and "suggesting" passengers read the "emergency procedure cards in the pocket of the seat in front of  me," I was trying to decide if I should go ahead and order a drink on the plane or wait till we landed and got checked in to the resort that was all inclusive, drinks too. Hmmmm?

I'm pretty sure I am not the only person who flies that does not pay that much attention to the safety proceedures when they are given prior to every flight.

I've heard Southwest flight attendant's do some stuff to try to grab passengers attention, and they did get a few laughs, but I still wonder how many people were REALLY in tune.

An airline in New Zealand may have found a way to get people to pay more attention. The threaten them with this video of Richard Simmons giving the routine.

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