What kicked off on Friday and ended yesterday at The Civic Center was the InkMaster's Tattoo Convention and one of my tattoo artist's got in touch with me because he would be tattooing and he asked me if I would get tattooed by him and be entered in the contest and of course I said bring on the pain and what we came up with came oh so close to scoring a trophy!

I first met my buddy Skarecro over a Tweet when I needed some help to move my Mom into a new place and I literally didn't have any help. So I thought why not shoot out a Tweet and see if I can sucker anyone into helping me out. I really didn't think I would get any kind of a response but to my surprise, I got a tweet from Skarecro asking what was the address and he then drove up from Brownfield to come and help out. We became fast friends and the rest is kind of history, until this past weekend when the level was raised in front of everyone at the InkMaster's Tattoo Convention. Skarecro left Lubbock awhile back and after traveling the country he know tattoo's in Midland/Odessa.

I have several tattoo's that I have accumulated over the years and I have some placed in the most tenderest of area's, the shin, ribs, collar bone but there is a spot that most can't get past the outline and it stays like that for several years.

The stomach is one of the most painful spots to get tattooed. There is a reason that when you see someone that has a unfinished tattoo or just and a outline, it is very painful and it's tough to sit.

On Saturday I went to Skarecro and I had told him I wanted my stomach tattooed because I know that he is a talented artist and this piece would be entered in the contest against some of the countries best artists, so why not go for one of the most painful spot to get tattooed on lets go for broke and go big!

Skarecro took out a bunch of markers and began to freehand my design right on the side of my stomach in front of everyone at the convention because there isn't any privacy anyone and everyone could see what was about to happen. We were even getting attention from Artist and you could see the doubt in some eyes if I could sit through and some would just look and you could see they knew what was about to happen because it is just painful.

For the next 8 hours I laid on the table and endured one of the most painful experiences of my life and that is no joke. It wasn't a piece of cake and I had to stop right at the end, but we had to finish it up with some of the highlights just like that it was done.

Rooster and Jason Inkmaster's Tatto Convention Lubbock

Skarecro and Myself came close but we didn't get a trophy for best Black And Gray Large piece but the respect that everyone both artist and the public and we both knew that it was pretty sweet.

Props to my new bro Jason who won with his artist Alec Rodriguez for their gnarley Zeus rib cage piece which took 13 hours over 2 day in the convention. To get your ribs done like this is no joke either and props to them and to everyone else who threw down at the InkMaster's Tattoo Convention.

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