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Good Vibez Tattoo Company is now open in Lubbock at 1916 Clovis Road. The shop features the tattooing talents of Bido Gonzales and Lorenzo Perez.

I recently spoke with Lorenzo, who said they were able to open earlier than expected, which is an auspicious sign anytime, but especially during the reign of the 'rona. Because of this, they're waiting on signage, but have already started with a bang, including a Halloween flash deal with designs I'm obsessed with:

Good Vibes Flash
Good Vibez

That double devil skull thing is just screaming at me. I also really, really love skull pizza, but who wouldn't? Which brings me to an aside. I will never understand people who don't have tattoos because they can't decide what to get. I have the opposite problem. There are entirely too many things I want...which is probably why I have over 30 tattoos.

Good Vibez does not yet offer piercing services, but is looking to in the near future. And they're asking clients to bring only one guest with them in order to maintain social distancing protocol. Another thing I will never understand: there is nothing more boring than watching someone else get a tattoo. That's why I'm kind enough not to ask anyone to come with me.

You can keep up with Good Vibez Tattoo company on Facebook and Instagram, or swing by the shop. In the meantime, check out the inside of the shop, and know there's plenty more to come.

Good Vibez Tattoo Company Opens in Lubbock, Texas


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