Last Friday night, a stolen front-end loader caused an intense confrontation with police in Midland, Texas near the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center at 1310 FM 1788. The loader careened through cars and trucks on TX-191, spun around erratically, and at some points, looked as though it was targeting police vehicles.

The ordeal took place around 10:30 p.m. after Christian pop band, Casting Crowns, finished their performance at the nearby theater. Onlookers watched in horror from the parking lot, and some even posted Facebook statuses warning friends to stay away from the area. I came across one and immediately searched for video footage. It's quite shocking.

WARNING: Some viewers may find this video rather disturbing. Please use caution before viewing.

According to San Angelo Live, someone attempted to enter the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center without a ticket and was asked to leave. They were later found near the engineering building but were able to run away from the police. It is believed that they returned to the parking lot in the stolen front-end loader to go after law enforcement.

5 officers opened gunfire on the suspect, resulting in him sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. Afterward, they rendered first-aid and he was transported to the hospital. As of October 21st, he was listed in critical condition. The 5 police officers who opened fire were put on paid administrative while further investigation takes place.

You can learn more about this wild story by clicking here.

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